Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Structure & Plot

Novels contain four foundations, which can assist you in determining your structure: setting, idea, character, and event. Determining the structure of your novel is a process of self-discovery, discovering what matters to you as the writer.

The Setting structure.
Every story has a setting, but when a story is structured around the setting, the setting is what you care about most. Novels in which the setting is most important will feature protagonists who travel to a strange place, are transformed by what they see, and then come back to their home as a new person.
The Setting structure is most common in science fiction and fantasy, but it also occurs in other novels. If what you care about most is having a character explore and discover the world you’ve created, then chances are the setting structure is your best choice.

The Idea structure.
Idea novels are about the process of seeking and finding new information through the eyes of characters who are driven to make the discoveries. Most mysteries follow this structure. The story begins when a crime takes place. The readers want to know “Who did it and why?” The story ends when the identity and motive of the criminal are revealed.

http://smarturl.it/novsecIn speculative fiction, the story begins with a question: “Why did this beautiful ancient civilization come to an end?” Begin as close as possible to the point where the question is first raised, and end as soon as possible after the question is answered.

The Character structure.
Character stories focus on the alteration of a character's role in the place where they already are. It’s not about who the characters are. The structure of a character story is simple. The story begins when the protagonist becomes so unhappy or angry in their present role they begin the process of change. It ends when the character either settles into a new role or gives up the struggle and remains in their old role.

The Event structure.
In the event story, something is wrong in the fabric of the universe. The world is out of order. The story begins at the point when the character whose actions are most crucial to establishing the new order becomes involved in the struggle. The event story ends at the point when a new order is established or when the old order is restored. Almost all fantasy and most science fiction use the event story structure.

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Lary Crews