Saturday, March 4, 2017

more than you know

Most of you have heard the advice: Write what you know. However, it is misleading advice, which builds walls in your mind, imposing synthetic restrictions.
Writer Rose Tremain says, “Forget the boring old dictum ‘write about what you know.’ Instead, seek out an unknown yet a knowable area of experience that's going to enhance your understanding of the world and write about that.”

In other words, write more than what you know. Don’t be limited by using only what you already know. Learn more and use it in your fiction. Your discovery can help you create much more interesting plots.

My Veronica Slate mystery novels are about a radio talk show host, something l know a lot about because I was a radio journalist for a long time.

However, in my first three published mystery novels my protagonist, Veronica investigated a child pornography video ring, cocaine smuggling, and a theme park called CircusLand, three things I knew nothing about before I started the books.

I learned what was beyond my common knowledge and paired it with what I was familiar with to create three entertaining books.

----- (From NOVEL SECRETS available in paperback and Kindle form.)

Lary Crews