Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What will you learn?

What will you learn from the Novel Secrets book?
1. Since you are no longer dependent on traditional publishers, you can create your own genre. New Adult (NA) is a new genre created by several self-published women. I’ll list the old genres as well.
2. Learn how to find adhesive ideas for your novel. (Ideas other ideas adhere to.) We’ll use the novel idea generator called Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) and discuss how to save your ideas.
3. You’ll learn to write a secret draft, which allows you to make abundant mistakes, and how to create your leapfrog outline, which, along with storyboards, keeps you on track as you write.
4. We’ll get into the structure of your novel and learn the key to a good plot, the hook, the joyride and the payoff. (Thanks, Aristotle!)
5. You will learn the significance of your first ten pages. When readers look inside your book on Amazon, those ten pages are when readers decide to buy your book.
6. You’ll learn how to create characters your readers will care about. Your protagonist and antagonist are the most important ones. We’ll even get into how to name your characters.
7. Viewpoint is so important it can affect sales. I will simplify it for you and teach you the best and most useful viewpoint for your novel (limited multiple).
8. We will get into dialogue, which moves your novel along. It is like imitation cheese. We’ll also tackle interior monologue, also known as thinking.
9. Two much description will get in the way of your story. That’s why it should be used sparingly.
10. You’ll learn how to write in scenes, like a movie in your mind. Scenes keep your novel moving ahead.
11. Flashbacks slow down novels, but if you plan to use them, at least you’ll learn how to get into them and back out again. Sometimes a recollection turns out to be better for your book.
12. You will learn how conflict and suspense work to make your novel work. Readers prefer a satisfying end to your novel. Give it to them and they will keep buying your books and tell their friends.
13. After your secret draft is done, we’ll check your facts, so readers will buy your lies. Then comes the best part of being a writer, rewriting and revising your novel. I’ll teach you how to cut, edit and improve your book. I will even present a first draft and final draft of a small portion of one of my books, to show what changes I made and why.
14. We’ll talk about promoting your books on social media, “beta” readers and beating writers block. I’ll suggest recommended a book for further study.

----- (From NOVEL SECRETS available in paperback and Kindle form.)

Lary Crews