Saturday, April 29, 2017

best time to be author.

Today is the best possible time to be an author.

When I began writing novels in 1986, it was 2 years and 8 months before I saw my first mystery novel, Kill Cue, in a bookstore. It took more than a year from contract signing to publication. Today, things happen more quickly because self-publishing is the name of the game.

You don’t need traditional publishers anymore.
Over the last decade, Print on Demand has made it possible to scale down the cost of publishing. No huge print runs for books, which might possibly sell, and no more remainders when they didn’t. Best of all, the world has finally become comfortable with buying their books on the Internet.

Amazon gave power to authors.
Today, many writers are publishing books on their own through Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle programs at little or no cost because they want a greater share of the pie than traditional publishers offer. In the late 1980s, Bantam-Lynx gave me a 7% royalty on the cover price of my first novels; today with the right pricing, you can get 70% royalty on your published novel.

Best Book for learning
how to self-publish!!
Self-publishing finally gave authors complete control over their own books. When you self-publish through Amazon, you gain global distribution to major eBook stores, which means you can reach millions of readers without a New York publisher. Your book will get in the hands of your readers quickly, with the advantages of low-cost delivery, global scale and no upfront costs for you.

It’s a wonderful time to be writing a novel.
Back in the old days, you wrote a manuscript and sent it to publishers who would decide if you deserved to be published. If they bought your manuscript (and only about 10% of all manuscripts were purchased by New York publishers back then), it was out of your hands.

Digital publishing has put power in the hands of writers and has democratized the publishing industry.
Today, you can write and publish your book in paperback and eBook for almost no money and reap the rewards. No agent. No publisher other than you. Your book remains in print for as long as you want.

Kindle eBooks account for less than 10% of all the books sold by Amazon, so you’ll probably want to publish your paperback with CreateSpace first. There’s something cool about holding your paperback book in your hands. It also makes it easier to sell your books in bookstores and local merchants since readers can hold the book in their hands.

CreateSpace will publish your book for Kindle if you ask them to. Amazon accounts for a two-thirds of all eBook sales and a huge percentage of eBooks are being sold by indie authors like you rather than traditional publishers.

In the first eight months of 2016, the number of self-published books (eBooks and paperbacks) in America surpassed the number of traditionally published books. Since the market has been besieged with self-published books, of course, some have been undeniably awful. Bad editing, lackluster covers, and mediocre content have been widespread.

That's why I wrote the NOVEL SECRETS book. So you can write the best possible novel for CreateSpace and Kindle or other publication.

----- (From NOVEL SECRETS available in paperback and Kindle form.)

Lary Crews