Friday, June 30, 2017

write your first novel.

Writing and I have had a difficult relationship. 

I had such great success years ago, with six novels (that sold a combined half-million copies) and four nonfiction books.

Finally, Lori and I decided to escape Florida and we settled in Reno NV and I discovered that the best job for me, in my semi-retired state, is to continue writing and publishing books through our imprint, PETERSEN PRESS.

I published a book about writing novels called Novel Secrets and a free verse book called, Quietly I Reply, and I am writing my memoir called My Counterfeit Life.

I have become relatively comfortable with my current age. I still have writing potential because I've lived long enough to have learned a lot. I have life experience, in spades.

In the late Eighties, I went through the traditional publishing system as it existed then; I interested an agent, wrote a first book, he sold the book and five more to Lynx Books, an imprint of Bantam books. My first six books came out to great acclaim and I did 89 book signings in a two years and appeared on television twelve times.  
However, these days, anyone can get a book published without an agent or even a copy editor (although most books need one). I publish through CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing. Four books cost ME nothing.

I still have the same qualities that drive younger writers: creativity, perseverance, and a passion for succeeding.
I may not have as much energy, but I do have a much larger pool of ideas and experiences from which to draw.

Above from the book NOVEL SECRETS,
available for Kindle for only $.99:

Lary Crews