Thursday, July 20, 2017

I publish with CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, for free!

Some say it’s a tough decision to publish exclusively with just one publisher. I say, "Amazon is king."

I have been writing books for 30 years and I started self-publishing in 2015 with a free verse poetry book, called Quietly, I Reply and my book Novel Secrets: How to Write a GOOD Self-Published Novel.

For the last few years, I have a great relationship with CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing.

In fact, my next book in progress now is: EASY SELF-PUBLISHING FOR  FREE showing exactly how you can become a published author at no expense to you.

While I believe Amazon does the best job of selling my Kindle books and my paperbacks, I was really never interested in alternative platforms and others who dared to take on Amazon. I’m a company man. The only innovator among self-publishers I have discovered is Amazon

Even with potentially great retailers and platforms, eBook sales via any of these alternative outfits is still way behind Amazon. Another handicap is that getting an eBook approved on outfits like Smashwords is still a overall agony. And Google Play Books is an unquestionably dreadful platform to publish with.

That’s why I prefer CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing. 
My books cost no money to print and put on Kindle and to publish a paperback version too.
And Amazon sells more of my books than anyone.

Above from the book NOVEL SECRETS, available for Kindle for only $.99 cents:

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