Friday, July 14, 2017

Social media is about “soft” marketing when it comes to books.

Social media is predominantly about “soft” marketing when it comes to authors and books. 

Social media is about reputation building rather than direct selling. 

Do not make a habit of spreading wide-ranging, unlimited appeals for attention to complete strangers. Asking for attention on social media is an almost foolproof way of not getting any attention. 

Try personalized messages to your trusted first circle, people who like you and are likely to buy your book on their own.

When you develop a marketing campaign for a new book, list all the people you know who will buy it without you asking. Send personal and private appeals to these people, whose attention you already have. It’s easier to approach warm connections, people you’ve interacted over a span of months, than cold ones.

My advice is to be patient with social media. As your reputation and name become better known, people will find your books when they are ready to buy. Focus on ways you can help others.

Social media helps you make a series of impressions over the long term as it builds trust and awareness. Share information and entertainment. If you gain a reputation as an author with something to say, and one who supports other writers, it will help with sales of your books.

Here are two important things about 
your books on Social Media:

Whatever promotional material you do put up on Facebook or Twitter should be without error. If you write in your promotion (as one author recently did) your book is “chalk full of adventure,” everyone who knows it is supposed to be “chock full” will think, “She must not be a good writer.”

Don’t ever argue with your potential buyer. I commented about a writer’s book, saying rather wistfully, “Wish I could read the title.” She came back immediately with both guns blazing and accused me of being blind. “The title was there in black and white,” she said (it wasn’t). She finished her communication with me, a potential customer, by writing “Get a (flipping) life!”

 I will certainly never buy one of her books.

----- (From NOVEL SECRETS available in paperback and Kindle form.)

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