Sunday, July 2, 2017

Why I can help other writers.

Here’s why I can help you.

I purchased my first computer in 1985 and began a fulltime freelance nonfiction writing career.
I wrote more than 1000 business magazine articles, and wrote humor columns for several magazines and served as managing editor of the Florida Business Journal newspaper.
After Bantam-Lynx in New York published my first three Veronica Slate mystery novels, I began teaching novel writing on the Online Campus.
Over fifteen years, through dedicated chat rooms, regular email and two weekly virtual classrooms, I taught 4,125 students from 26 different states how to write a first novel. I actually read and edited more than 300 first chapters for my students.

Check out two of my published online graduates by going to Amazon and searching on:

Knights of the Shield by Jeff Messick

Strength to Stand by Sheyna Galyan.

Any questions about NOVEL SECRETS can be addressed to me at:

Be careful, however.

A lovely woman from California who was in my 1997 online writing class and asked me questions by email almost every day for a year.

I ended up falling in love with her and moving from Florida to Los Angeles and marrying her!

We will celebrate our 19th anniversary on December 13th, 2017, my darling, Lori Dagmar Huffman Crews and me.
(She is also the Senior Editor at Petersen Press.)

----- (NOVEL SECRETS available in paperback and Kindle form.)

Lary Crews