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In 1990,Lary Crews began an Ask Lary Crews folder on Prodigy and CompuServe, two early Internet companies. 

Soon, Prodigy started an “Ask Lary Crews” folder and hundreds of writers asked Lary Crews for advice about writing novels.

I must point out that this was 1990 and the web was in its infancy at the time. The Internet was so new that our local NBC-TV affiliate did a half-hour special about me and my helping writers learn online and the web.

In 1993, the folks at the AOL's Online Campus at America Online came calling. They had seen my appearance on a local NBC affiliate talking about teaching people how to write, online, something which did not exist at the time. They knew that I had gotten my feet wet working online as a writing expert for Prodigy and CompuServe, two early adopters of the Internet.

So, in 1993, America Online hired me. I was America’s first online novel writing instructor, in on the ground floor of Internet Education.  

So, two early evenings a week, I taught students whom I had never met, in states I had never visited, how to write their first novel. We did it via the early form of chat rooms and with text libraries and email. My classes had become very popular. (When I stopped teaching in the winter of 2000, AOL told me that I had taught 4,125 students in seven years.)

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