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Monday, January 8, 2018

Queen's Gold by Melissa Bowersock

Melissa Bowersock Queen's Gold has featured frequently in my reading list…and managed to very deservedly find her way into my favourite-authors list.

Her stories flirt with fantasy/paranormal in a way that makes you think twice about things of which you might say, ‘Nah! No way!’ And in this particular story, one of the main characters says exactly that: it’s a tale in which both reader (well, this one!) and protagonist find themselves in agreement.

Widower Hal Thompson’s two children strike a bargain with him: fervent believers of hypnotic regression, they promise to stop trying to convince him that there really is something in it if he will just agree to one session. If it doesn’t ‘happen’ for him, then Brian and Wendy promise they’ll never raise the subject again. Backed into a corner, Hal agrees. The experience proves to be unsettling for Hal when he ‘remembers’ not only the whereabouts of some ancient Aztec gold, but also…disarmingly…a long-lost love. Reluctant to admit to his children his scepticism might have been misplaced, he is soon shocked into shedding his misgivings when things get gravely personal. His 'memories', it appears, are of crucial importance to some ruthless people.

This story changes gear dramatically after the first few pages: it starts off at a very pleasant, leisurely pace, and suddenly, it’s ‘sit up and take notice’. 

I must confess, however, of all the books I've read by this author, I'm not so sure I'd put this one at the top of the list. I fell in love with the wholesomeness that was the Thompsons, but parts of the plot were just a teensy bit unsubstantial, hurried even. That said, the ending is climactic and gripping.

Notwithstanding, this was an enjoyable read and a very welcome addition to my collection of this author’s books.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Dream Walk by Melissa Bowersock

I had mixed feelings when I started this…pleased and eager to rejoin Sam and Lacey, PI partners with a difference, but a little sad too, because this is the final book in the quartet. Whilst I had no doubt that their last case would be enthralling, I was, of course, curious to find out how their relationship would progress. Or not. My lips are sealed on that one.

Our duo’s swansong is a bit of toughie…Sam’s ex-wife’s brother makes an appearance in one of Sam’s dreams…but not in a peaceful way. He was an addict, whose end was probably inevitable, so Sam and Lacey head to his last known address to uncover the reasons for his torment.

This book is half the length of most of the books I read, but there’s no short-change here. Bowersock’s prose is neat, tidy, tight…all the right words in the right quantity for a well-rounded and  extremely satisfying story.

It may well be farewell to Sam and Lacey, but it’s very definitely au revoir to Bowersock, who will undoubtedly delight with her next work, whatever it may be.

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Star Walk by Melissa Bowersock

I really don’t know what to say about this…that isn’t going to differ from what I've said before about this very engaging series!

This is Book 3 of the Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud mysteries, and by now, it’s like meeting up with old friends. The ever-growing ease of Lacey and Sam’s relationship extends towards the reader and not only do you feel comfortable in their company, they’re almost like neighbours you've known a long time. That’s how Bowersock writes: effortlessly convincingly. 

What I particularly liked in this story…apart, of course, from the couple's task of releasing the anguish from some ghosts who are making life a little difficult for the owner of a larger mansion…is that Lacey has some normal (as in not paranormal!) investigations to undertake. We finally get to meet her criminal ex boyfriend and we get to know a bit more about her life before partnering up with Sam.

Lacey and Sam’s relationship is largely professional…though her presence in his private life is increasingly relaxed. I’m starting to hope things progress…if you know what I mean.

I’m going to have to wait till Book 4, I guess, to find out if they do.

If you’ve read Books 1 and 2, you’ll be delighted with this third book and like me will be waiting eagerly for the fourth.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Complicit by Gillian E. Hamer Epub

This was a compelling story that kept my nose firmly between the pages…I did actually guess ‘whodunnit’ before the revelation, but it didn’t mar my enjoyment at all, although I felt ten chapters dedicated to a war some two millennia earlier were rather boring and unnecessary. The relevance of the war to the plot could have been woven into the story in other ways.

Descendants of the Druids involved in that war hold secrets that one person wants to know…badly. So badly, in fact, that serial killings become the urgent focus of three detectives. A killer is at large who will stop at nothing to unearth these very closely guarded secrets.

It was a surprise to me to discover that this book is actually the third in a series, so I was particularly impressed how well it stood alone. The characters and plot are well developed (perhaps just a tad muddled towards the end). I also had to suspend disbelief…Druids might have had ‘seers’ in their midst in 60 AD…but in the twenty-first century? I don’t think so.

For all that, it was a gripping book and deserves a five-star rating, but sadly, the editing wasn’t up to scratch. Grammatical errors, some odd phrases verging on Malapropisms and a bunch of punctuation faux pas (too much reliance on software editing) means I have to knock a star off.

Notwithstanding, I like this author and will certainly hunt out more of her books.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Your Soul Was Meant For Mine by C L Hunter


Not overly fond of this one, regrettably…it’s never easy to say you didn’t enjoy a book. It never really found its way. An erotic romance with a bit of paranormal thrown in, but it didn’t really sit comfortably in the story, the erotica lacked real steam…it was rather perfunctory...the romance was a bit forced, and the dialogue was rather clunky and unnatural.

After a tragic accident, forces beyond the grave decree that lawyer Thomas’s wife, Emmalyn, should be get together with his work colleague, Nolan, a very rich and successful businessman. Along the way, some chunks from Nolan’s past rear their ugly heads. And that’s about it…along with many scenes of bodice-ripping and throbbing organs. Emmalyn and Nolan’s acquaintance begins with a transatlantic exchange of letters. These were rather odd…they were a cross between Jane Austen and Essex girl. For a successful businessman with an idea for some very out-there technology, he seemed a bit dim…he hadn't heard of online translating (Babelfish, Google Translate???) and flustered over postage times. Email, anyone?

I can’t speak for the text in Irish, but the French was slightly off kilter…relying perhaps too much on high-school French, and I was increasingly irritated by the couple calling each ‘wife’ and ‘husband’ all the time. The plot didn’t just stroll, it dawdled painfully along. Bits and pieces came out of the woodwork rather suddenly and incongruously, and it just didn’t hang together.

The premise for this book was promising, and I think the author has writing ability, but this needs some substantial developmental editing to give the characters, well, character and the plot some body and cohesion.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ghost Walk by Melissa Bowersock

Let me start with the end of this book and the closing words: Coming soon: Skin Walk, Another Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud mystery. Surely the best words to read when you’ve enjoyed a book so much, you want more, and thankfully, there's the promise of a sequel!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all Bowersock’s novels…she’s an author who can turn her hand to an eclectic array of genres…but I have to say this probably earns the title of 'my favourite'…or, at least, one of my favourites. It’s a whodunnit with a difference: an ex-detective, Lacey Fitzpatrick, who can’t get crime-solving out of her blood, joins forces with Sam Firecloud, who has a gift for communicating with ghosts. Lacey is more used to dealing with facts and physical evidence, so probably not her typical choice of partner, but when he manages to solve an old case, she’s confident that together they’ll be able to solve their latest tough case. Tough because there’s no evidence to suggest a murder has actually been committed.

As ever, Bowersock’s style is spot on: her words are carefully chosen. There’s no over- or under-use: the picture is efficiently painted, yet you feel that no expense has been spared. Lacey is a strong, well-rounded character…and Sam…well, Sam couldn’t be more different: mysterious, quiet, intense, deep. But they couldn’t be a more perfect match, and it’s going to be great fun accompanying them on their crime-(ghost)-busting journey. I can’t wait!

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